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Custom Safety Programs

Custom Safety Programs

Knowing where you're safe, is knowing where you're not...

Effective, high-functioning and cost-effective OH&S safety programs and systems are heavily considered by today's decision-makers when determining who they will work with. GLOBAL SAFETY LIMITED is focused on health and safety program development and maintenance.  We develop comprehensive OH&S programs, group and individual-focused programs, and create better tools to assess program deficiencies and compliances. GLOBAL SAFETY LIMITED provides services to companies of all sizes across all kinds of industries.

Bolster your safety culture at the workplace. Make sure everyone gets home after their shift.

Our Safety Services

  • Behaviour Based Safety Programs
  • Hazard Assessment Tools
  • Custom Management and Supervision Training at site or office
  • Injury Management and Modified Work Programs; Cost Relief for past Claims
  • Safe Work Practices, Procedures Development and Implementation
  • Tool and Equipment Maintenance Compliance
  • Inspections
  • Incident Investigations
  • Drug and Alcohol Programs

Contact us to learn more about any and all of our services.

How well is your safety program really working for you? 


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