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Building a safety culture one person at a time...

With over 10 years of experience in health and saftety in Western Canada, GLOBAL SAFETY LIMITED is dedicated in providing effective safety professionals, services and products. Our intimate knowledge of currennt safety policies and sytems allows us to deliver measureble results for our clients' diverse needs. By staying a step ahead with a positive corporate culture, we work together with our clients and employees hoestly, with integrity and respect.

Our mission is to simply provide the BEST safety leaders, products and services in the business. We are building a safety culture one person at a time.

Our Commitment

Global Safety will provide a trusted, highly-trainied safety professional to your organization or jobsite. Having a current and extensive education in On-site Field Saftety is one thing, knowing how to communicate that knowledge to frontline team members is key.

We train all of our field staff in Effective Communication with:

  • Emergency Leadership
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Public Speaking
  • Constuctive Feedback
  • Effective Safety Meeting Management

Our History 

Founded in Calgary, Alberta, in 2010 GLOBAL SAFETY LIMITED has become a leader in industrial safety management. The owners and employees are dedicated, certified safety professionals who take pride in offering excellent, high-quality service.

With the recent growth of our company, we have expanded services to include Safety Training, while leading the way with Custom Safety Programs, Safety Audits, Emergency Response Plans and Prequalifications. Looking into the future, we intend to continue its work throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and beyond.

In all of its work, GLOBAL SAFETY LIMITED strongly values family, accountability, leadership, passion and humility. 


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